Guess Fortune Through Ring Finger

You have been wearing rings but do you know what each finger means? Let’s see Bao Tin Silver Jewelry and see how the ring when worn on different fingers will mean the difference!

Wearing a thumb ring represents Wood onion

The thumb is the most important element of the hand. The thumb alone acts as a side of the pincer, helping us to hold everything firmly. The thumb represents strength. That is why the ring suitable for “strength finger” is usually the big ring, looks the strongest and most powerful.

Sometimes when you have to endure a secret sadness, be angry at someone but can’t speak out, or you are disappointed with someone or have trouble at work, you should wear a ring on your thumb. It will give you more energy to handle something decisively and intellectually.

Wearing the index finger ring symbolizes the onion

When you wear your index finger ring, you will often feel more confident and ambitious. Wearing an index finger ring is also a way to prove that you are capable of handling things.

If you want to expand your business, change something to continue to develop more potential, you should wear a ring on your index finger, because the energy that Mars brings is extremely large.

Wearing the middle finger ring represents the onion Earth

The middle finger is also the longest finger, it is like a symbol of a high record for us to try hard and strive

If you want to be well controlled and disciplined yourself, you should wear a ring on the middle finger, as Saturn involves a lot of patience, consistency and discipline. These qualities are great for always focusing on getting the job done well.

Wearing ring finger symbolizes onion Kim

The ring finger is the most neurologically distributed finger and according to medicine, the ring finger has blood vessels running straight up the heart’s vigor. The proof for that is that when going to the hospital, doctors often put a needle straight into the tip of the ring finger to inject blood to test. That is why the ring finger is a symbol of love, a symbol of perfection and eternity.

Wearing the pinky ring represents Thuy Thuy

Balance with a strong finger (thumb) as the little finger. Little finger – weak but indispensable finger. The pinky finger represents communication and sexual instincts. Many people are ambiguous about their sexuality, or they have confusion about their gender, they often wear a ring on their little finger.



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